Nutcracker Suite Ballet Figures – Perfect Gift for Christmas

Flower Dancers Hallie Schwartzkopf, Emma Nolting and Mila Lipinski dance during The Nutcracker rehearsal at Dancers Studio Inc., Wednesday December 7, 2016. Carla Clark | For The Republic

The Nutcracker is one of the best ballet acts ever choreographed on stage. It continues to be popular since the 1960s up until today. Numerous ballet companies have used the Nutcracker for their performances, especially during the Christmas season. This ballet act features four of the widely known characters – the Prince, the Mouse King, Drosselmeyer, and Clara.

The Nutcracker Tale

The story of the Nutcracker starts with a Christmas tree that is adorned with beautiful decorations. The presents were being given to the children when Drosselmeyer, a toymaker, and Clara’s godfather, enters the room carrying four dolls for the kids. He then introduced a wooden nutcracker that is shaped like a man. Clara loves the Nutcracker.

At midnight, Clara wanted to see the Nutcracker again. With Drosselmeyer looking on, the Christmas tree grew as well as the Nutcracker. Another scene comes up with gingerbread soldiers fighting the mice, being led by the Mouse King. The King was about to stab the Nutcracker, but then, Clara distracted the King by throwing a slipper at him, just enough time for the Nutcracker to stab the Mouse King.

The Nutcracker then transforms into a handsome Prince. Clara and the Prince dance into the pine forest as they go to the Prince’s kingdom. They met the Sugar Plum Fairy, who ruled the kingdom as she waited for the Prince’s return. Because the Prince has arrived at his kingdom, a celebration started with different flavorful sweets, coffee, and tea. The finale of the Nutcracker is presented with the Prince and Clara riding a sleigh being pulled by a reindeer as they wave goodbye to all the people of the kingdom.

Adaptations of the Nutcracker

The Nutcracker has had a number of different adaptations. Disney included The Nutcracker Suite in one of the most popular Disney films, which is Fantasia. It was also used in an animated film called The Nutcracker Prince. Even the duo of Tom and Jerry used excerpts from the ballet act in their story A Nutcracker Tale.

Perfect gift for Christmas

People continue to love The Nutcracker and the four main characters. The sophistication of the dance combined with beautiful costumes, perfect arrangement, and original music, has been touching the hearts of everyone who watches this ballet act. Because of the four main characters of the Nutcracker, people will always be reminded of the sounds of the orchestra as they play the Waltz of the Flowers and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the background.


One of the Christmas decors included in the package is Clara, a young girl who fell in love with the Nutcracker. She is a simple girl who just wanted to be with the Nutcracker. Little does she know that she will be brought to one of the most exciting adventures of her life.

Mouse King
Another character of the well-loved ballet act is the Mouse King. He is the leader of the army of mice that fought with the gingerbread soldiers. The Mouse King may be scary on the play, but the décor included in the bundle is very adorable.


He is the godfather of Clara and is the one who introduced the Nutcracker to her. He is a magician and a toy maker. With his power, he was able to transform the Nutcracker into a life-sized doll.


He is the best in this collection of Christmas decoration. He is the Nutcracker who fought the Mouse King and transformed into a handsome Prince. He brought Clara to his kingdom and introduced her to all his subjects.

All-in-all, the set of 4 Wooden Nutcracker Suite Ballet Figures will greatly upgrade your Christmas decorations. They are made with high-quality materials that will last through the whole holiday season and beyond. This package is also a perfect gift for those who love the Nutcracker ballet.